SnackRewards™ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Betty Mills Snack Rewards™ program?

The Snack Rewards program was designed to reward our customers by providing free healthy and hearty snacks simply by placing orders at Betty Mills. With each purchase you make at Betty Mills, you earn credits which you can redeem towards the purchase of over 4,000 snacks, beverages and gourmet foods that we offer at The more credits you earn, the more free snacks you receive!

Do all items available for sale on the Betty Mills website earn Snack Reward points in my account?

Yes, every item in every category on our website earn you points when you purchase them, including snacks and beverages too !

Do I need to enroll in the Snack Rewards program to participate?

No enrollment is necessary. Your purchases at Betty Mills automatically begin awarding you snack credits redeemable on future orders placed with Betty Mills.  If you haven't made a purchase yet you can signup now and get an instant $15 of Snack Rewards!

Where can I find how many Snack Reward Credits I have and where do I actually redeem them?

You can view the Snack Reward credits you have by looking at the upper right corner of most Betty Mills web pages. These reward credits are also displayed in your Betty Mills shopping cart. You can also visit our snack rewards redemption center.  You can also view your Snack Rewards by logging in and viewing your Snack Rewards history page found here.

What is the difference between pending and redeemable Snack Rewards?

New purchases you make automatically go into a pending status for up to 7 days. After 7 days they are moved to an awarded status which means they are available for redemption.

When was the Snack Rewards program officially launched at Betty Mills and will I receive credits for past purchases before that official date?

The program officially went live on August 1, 2010. Anything you purchase from that day forward will begin to accrue rewards so long as your account is in good standing and the program remains in effect. Unfortunately, rewards are not retroactive on past purchases from prior to the official launch date.

What do I do with all the free snacks I receive?

That's totally up to you. Most people put the snacks in the company break room for everyone to enjoy or you can accumulate credits for those big holiday office parties. You can also direct your free snacks to the charity of your choice. If you are purchasing on behalf of a business, your company may already have certain guidelines as to how to manage rewards programs.

How many Snacks do you have at BettyMills?

Today we count a variety of over 4,000 snacks including over 1,500 all natural and organic choices. We also have gourmet foods from Omaha Steaks!

Are beverages such as coffee, tea and creamers included?

Yes -- most definitely.

How about cups, paper plates, and disposable utensils?

No, if you can't eat or drink it, it does not qualify. It must be an edible food or beverage.

How do I know for sure if it qualifies as a free snack?

Generally, any edible snack or beverage on our website is eligible.  Medical beverages and supplements generally do not apply.

Do the snack credits last forever?

No. If your account is inactive for 6 months (defined as having had no new purchase activity), the credits are forfeited and you lose them forever. The program was designed to reward active repeat customers of Betty Mills. Additionally, you must make at least one (1) Snack Rewards during any 24 month period or your rewards will be forfeited and you will lose them forever. Please use your Snack Rewards before you reach a period of 6 consecutive months of purchase inactivity and make sure to redeem a least once within a 24 month period to keep your points active.

If I place my first order today, can I get my free snacks today?

Orders you place today will provide credits which you can redeem on your next future purchase at Betty Mills so long as your account is still active at that time and 7 days have passed since your last purchase.

Is there a waiting period from the time I place my orders to the time when the credits are awarded?

Yes, at the moment of purchase, your rewards remain in a pending state until 7 days have passed, upon which time they become fully redeemable.

How are my Snack Reward credits calculated?

Credits are based upon a percentage amount of your completed purchases and can vary from one period to the next or on an order by order basis. The actual percentage applied to calculate the rewards are subject to change over the life of the program and may vary on an order by order basis depending on the reward percentage put in effect by Betty Mills at the time of your order. Please read our program terms and conditions to understand more.

Do I earn credits for shipping, taxes or other payments I make to Betty Mills?

No. Credits are earned NET of all non-product related fees, charges, coupons, promotional credits and/or taxes. In general, your credits are calculated using a base of the sum total of what you pay for actual products at Betty Mills, less any discounts we provided to you on that order.

Are the rewards and program rules subject to change?

Yes, please read our complete set of terms and conditions on our Snack Rewards program found here.

Although Snack Rewards are free, who pays the shipping to get the snacks delivered to me?

While the snacks rewards are free, the shipping costs are paid for by the customer (you). We make every attempt to keep our shipping fees as low as possible and charge you only for what we expect to be charged by our shippers such as United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express.

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