Earn $20! Refer-A-Friend to Snack Rewards™

You can share the greatness of Snack Rewards with your co-workers and friends and in the process earn rewards for both them and yourself!

There are two places on where you can Refer-A-Friend to Snack Rewards:

1 - Each time you place an order you will have an opportunity to invite people to join.
2 - On the main Snack Rewards page you will find an invite friends link (you need to be logged in to invite people). 

When people you have invited sign up, they get $15 instant Snack Rewards compliments of Betty Mills.  Upon placing their first order, Betty Mills will reward you with your own Snack Reward bonus of $20 for each friend.

Happy Snacking !
Snack Rewards™ Refer-A-Friend Terms & Conditions
  Snack Rewards™ Refer-A-Friend is designed for bona fide Betty Mills customers, to refer co-workers and friends to enjoy the Snack Rewards service provided by Betty Mills. Users of the Betty Mills Refer-a- Friend system are entitled to use the system for genuine purpose of inviting co-workers and friends to enjoy Snack Rewards and in the process earn additional Snack Rewards for their friends, co-workers and for themselves. In order to participate in Snack Rewards Refer-A-Friend, you must have placed at least one prior order for actual business use and be a bona fide customer in good standing.

Referral awards are provided for qualified referrals at the absolute discretion of Betty Mills and may be denied, rescinded or cancelled if any activity is detected which is intended to abuse, misuse, mislead, or game the referral system. In the event such inauthentic activity is detected, Betty Mills reserves the right to recover any paid or pending rewards and any consequential damages as a result, including financial, reputational or incidental damages. Referral rewards are provided only for referring new customers to Betty Mills.

Refer-A-Friend rewards are limited to $200 rewards during any 12 month period for any one customer, or any customers or users acting as a group. Any exceptions to this limit are at the sole discretion of Betty Mills.

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