International Checkout & Orders

International Orders are accepted by one of two methods:

1) International orders may be placed on our checkout via our partner International Checkout. Look for this logo below during your checkout process:

International Checkout

2) Betty Mills can provide shipping to our customer's domestic freight forwarder.  We do make exceptions for certain international orders, however we generally require payment in advance and added freight costs will apply. Please contact us for a freight quote.

We can accept your international credit card for payment, however we do require an international credit card authorization form, attached below.  

Please note that Snack Rewards are not eligible on orders placed through International Checkout.

Please contact our customer service team when you are ready to place your order or for a quote.


The_Betty_Mills_Company_CC_Authorization_Form_(Int)_650-638-1185.pdf The_Betty_Mills_Company_CC_Authorization_Form_(Int)_650-638-1185.pdf

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