Free Food for Homeless Shelters & Foodbanks Enrollment

Betty Mills Free Food For Shelters Program

Since 2010 Betty Mills has shipped over $2.3 Million of free food to our customers via our loyalty program. The program is being expanded to enable our customers to donate the food loyalty points from their accounts, to enrolled homeless shelters and foodbanks. 
How It Works:

Donations are essentially a voluntary transfer of points sent by our customers, into the accounts of our enrolled shelters and foodbanks.  
Once a donation is made to your account, an email notification will be sent to the email address you included with your profile.
You may then login to your Betty Mills account and add food or beverage items to your shopping cart and use the donated points to pay for them at the checkout.  There are more than 4,000 food and beverage selections to choose.
Please note, this is a new program launched Mid-December 2019.  Our initial enrollment campaign has been successful, therefore beginning during the month of January 2020 we will enable the mechanism which will allow our customers to begin transferring (donating) their points to enrolled shelters or foodbanks. 
Enroll your shelter or foodbank today to begin receiving donated points which you may redeem on over 4,000 food and beverage items.

There are no dues or enrollment fees of any kind and no strings attached. Just free food.

This is our way of uniting with our customers to make a positive contribution to the many community in need across our Nation.

Thank you for the inspiring work that you do.

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