Medical Device Repair Services

In the event you require factory-certified service & repair for an Oxygen Concentrator, Liquid Oxygen dispensing units, C-PAP, BI-PAP, or other related items, you may also contact a third party repair center.

Step one is to first receive a return merchandise authorization from the repair center by calling their toll free support line, then simply ship your device directly to the center for speedy and highly qualified repair services.  

Pick up and drop-off services may also be available if you are located within the repair center's regional vicinity, however most 3rd party repair centers provide service to most locations in the U.S. via traditional end-to-end shipping services to your door, such as United Parcel Service or Fedex.

Generally the turnaround time to receive back your repaired unit is in one week from the date of receipt by the service center, however you should check with the service center directly for an estimated turnaround time to repair prior to shipping your unit.   

Links and contact information to these service centers are below:

Medical Science Center -- 800-887-8817

The Repair Authority - 888-828-1872

Please always call the repair center first obtain a Return Authorization Number from your service center prior to shipping your device.  Note these service centers are independently operated and not owned or operated by Betty Mills.

Links to services offered by the centers are provided on the attached files just below for your convenience:


Medical_Science_Center_-_Supported_Devices_List.pdf Medical_Science_Center_-_Supported_Devices_List.pdf
The_Repair_Center_-_Overview_for_Customer.pdf The_Repair_Center_-_Overview_for_Customer.pdf
The_Repair_Center_-_Patient-owned_cpap_flyer.pdf The_Repair_Center_-_Patient-owned_cpap_flyer.pdf
The_Repair_Center_-_Services_Offered_for_Customer.pdf The_Repair_Center_-_Services_Offered_for_Customer.pdf
The_Repair_Center_-_Patient_Owned_Ship_In_Form.pdf The_Repair_Center_-_Patient_Owned_Ship_In_Form.pdf

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