I Have a Medical Emergency

If you have a serious medical emergency requiring immediate care and attention please call 911.

Otherwise, If you or someone you know has purchased a medical device from Betty Mills which has malfunctioned and is causing a threat to ones health, please contact our emergency services which is available 24/7. 

To contact Betty Mills regarding such a medical emergency, please call our Medical Emergency Hotline at 800-201-8045 or open a medical emergency support ticket.  Please select 'I have a medical emergency' in the drop down menu. 

Please note: Under an approved emergency, our pharmacist or HMDR exemptee are authorized to submit an urgent approval to expedite a drop shipment of a replacement medical device(s) directly to you.  The cost of a product replacement including any related fees or associated shipping charges may apply.

For non-emergency repair of certain medical devices which you may own, please see our contact page for 3rd party repair services.

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